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Pincofski Orthodontics Invests in Community

Dr. Pincofski loves to spend time giving back to the community. She is excited to be one of the coaches for the Girls on the Run™ mentoring program. She is actively involved in several other charities and philanthropic organizations as well. These organizations include:

  • United Way
  • Salvation Army
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • SAFE (in Hunterdon)
  • Local food pantries
  • Multiple animal shelters/rescue organizations
  • Local school/sports activities

Dawn R. joined in our holiday festivities with her Christmas tree headband!


A great day for Tyler L., he got his braces off!


Rose W. was so excited about getting her braces on that she couldn’t sleep the night before!

Kara S. showed her happy face when her appliance came out!!

IMG_7924 IMG_7926

Maya B. is helping to “Make Smiles Bright!”


Brooke G. got her braces off! Congrats on your new beautiful smile, Brooke!


Ava S. looks very happy about her appointment! You can tell she is in the Christmas spirit too(Loving the t-shirt, Ava)!


Logan M. is looking good for the holidays without his braces!


Even with her “Tinsel Teeth,” Gillian P. is still cute!



Rose W. is grateful for…


A very special thank you to Alicia J. and her lovely family for thinking about us during this holiday! This fruit won’t last long around here! Thx again!


Sophie K. got her braces off and couldn’t stop smiling during her celebration!


GOTR had their 5K race this past Saturday, and we had fun giving out the red t-shirts to the runners!


Our Christmas Charity This Year!


Hailey H. wore some rocking kicks into the office! You know Dr. P. liked them!


David I. got his braces off and had a nice celebration with his new smile and new red hair!


Kayla’s Beautiful New Smile!


Jessica L. won our “No Breakage Contest” for the month of September, congrats Jessica!


Jessica G. got her braces off! What a beautiful new smile!


Many of you have asked Dr. P. about the Brazilian mission trip she took earlier this month. She-along with 93 people from all over the world-joined Global Awakening(an international healing mission) on a trip to various churches in the Sao Paolo area. Dr. P. participated because she wanted to personally witness the miraculous healings that have taken place there. Not only did she get her wish, she received a physical healing of her own! If you’re interested in hearing more, ask Dr. .P when you see her-she’d be happy to share!

IMG_7648 IMG_7650IMG_7649IMG_7647

Sean B. got his braces off and had quite the celebration!


The September winner of our “No Breakage Contest” is “Andrew Z.! He’s going shopping with $40!! Have fun!


Jayse A. post the “Dab” for our contest!


Dominick J. is celebrating his brace removal day! Great smile Dominick!


Meet Brayden S., our new member of the “Cub’s Club” (for those kids who aren’t quite ready for braces yet!)


What a beautiful new smile for Cassie D.!

Brayden and his brother, AJ, had a wild and crazy pose!

IMG_7530 IMG_7531

Morgan S. did a dance pose for our contest!


Michael A. has a great new smile!

What the kids are saying about our practice…


*\/* Give me a T-H-R-E-E… 3 weeks & braces come off! Yay!!! Thank you for the great journey Pincofski Orthodontics!!! (Chrissy Peña-Kilcomons)


Thank you Jodi for sharing this with us…”Rose W. had to do a school project (2nd grade). She chose and created a “community helper”. She chose Dr. P. In the pic you will see a leopard jacket and braces. She said she knows Dr. P doesn’t have braces, but it makes it more obvious that she is an orthodontist .” That is just too cute Rose! Project well done, it deserves an “A” in our book!!


Caitlyn M. is partying it up without braces!!


For all you Eagles fans…take a look at Dominick J.’s retainer!



Lily S. ‘s braces are gone and she has a really cool new retainer to wear now!

IMG_1675 IMG_7289


Congratulations to Juliana F. for winning our “Cleanest Mouth Contest” for the month of June! She’e going shopping at 5 Below!


Lucy and Liam H. had fun striking their poses!



What a great smile Jake S.!


Congratulations for the second year in a row to Dr. P. for being chosen as a “Top Dentist” for 2017 in NJ! We are all so proud of you! The full article can be seen in the upcoming December issue of New Jersey Monthly Magazine! A sneak preview can be seen here…


Grab your brother or sister, strike a pose, post your photo on Facebook & tag our location to be entered to win a $25 Cash Card! Good Luck!!!!



 As many of you know, we recycle our toothbrushes, floss containers and mouthwash bottles with Tom’s of Maine. They also accept other items as can be seen in the picture. Feel free to use our receptacle for those items you need to dispose of. Every little bit helps the environment a lot!




Every time you bring your child in for an appointment, be sure to enter our contest!

Each month, one of our lucky parents will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to one of several local restaurants, including Max’s 31, Cook to Order, Cafe Emilia, and Al Fresco to name a few.

Our way of thanking you for all you do!





Mom, Jodi, shared this picture of Rose enjoying some frozen yogurt after getting her appliance in today! She did a great job!


Congrats to Curtis W., he got his braces off! Great smile Curtis!

FullSizecRender FullSizeRehnder FullSizeRender

A big welcome to our new “Cub’s Club” members, brothers Ben and Nathan K.!


Lily D. got her appliance in and was such a good patient!


A special thank you to Martha P. for the delicious fruit arrangement she sent to our office!



Mia J. won the $40 gift card for our “No Breakage Contest” for the month of July! Have fun shopping Mia!


We were just seriously “silly stringed!!” The culprits…Brianna, Erika, Ally and Mom, Alicia! It flew all through the office, both inside and outside!

IMG_6907 IMG_6905IMG_6903 IMG_6906  IMG_6908


Sara B.’s braces are off!

Briana K. won the $25 gift card for the drawing for the “Dare the Doc” contest! Congratulations Bri!


We want to thank Dan S. for his help with our contest video with Dr. P.! He was such a good sport to wear that outfit and dance the hula! Even Peggy, his dog, dressed up!

IMG_6873 IMG_6880 IMG_6883


So, the winning activity of the “Dare the Doc” contest was the hula dance! Dr. P was accompanied by Dan S. and his dog, Peggy! Enjoy!

Emily S. is off to college with a gorgeous new smile! Good luck Em!


Ava D.’s Braces Are Off!


Anjana B. won the “No Breakage Contest” for the month of June! She has $40 to spend wherever she wants! Happy Shopping Anjana!


Michael B. won the “Cleanest Mouth Contest” for the month of July! He’s going to Friday’s!


Meet Adeline H., the newest member of our “Cub’s Club!” Welcome Adeline!


Jake I. became a “human pretzel” in the office today…his feet are actually behind his back…Ouch!


Dr. P. got in on some puppy love from Adrionna and Alexandra’s new golden retriever!


Jordan P. voted and just got her braces on!

pedr pedri

Matt H. received his new Pincofski t-shirt! I think he likes it!


What a cute model Lily D. is in her new Pincofski t-shirt!


Rebecca K. dared Dr. P. in our contest!


Kyleigh is the drawing for 2 movie tickets for being in our “Cub’s Club”!


Trevor D. went to Hawaii and brought back a hula skirt, a coconut shell top (that Dr. P. is not quite wearing correctly!), a shell necklace and some Hawaiian cookies and brownies! The hula is the dare that is winning so far, so it looks like the ensemble will come in handy! Thank you so much to Trevor and mom, Kim!


Lily voted 


Morgan S. dared Dr. P. to lip sync!


Matt D. wants to see Dr. P. lip sync!


Teresa N. got her braces off!!


Brady S. found his picture on the team plaque when he came in for an appointment with his sisters!


Bella D.’s sisters came in for the fun at her appointment!


A vote for lip sync by Teresa N.!


Sam N. got his braces off! Great smile, Sam!


Michael B. is braceless for the summer!


Karlie B. got her braces off!!

Bella D. won our “Cleanest Mouth Contest” for the month of May! She wants a salad at Panera’s!


Juli F. dared Dr. P.!


Our favorite service dog, Peggy, came in for a visit!


Ethan C’s doctor dare.


He (Paul B.) dares you to lip sync Dr. P!


Sofia C. dared the doc to Hula!


Such a nice thank you from GOTR for our sponsorship and volunteer work with their 5K run!


Harrison G. is “Classic” without his braces!

“Bring on the dare”, says Evie T.!


Jane M. had a great celebration when her braces came off!


Josie R. liked our contest!


Gracie M. dared Dr. P.!


Logan H. got in on the dare!


Alyssa H. wants the lip sync dare for Dr. P.!


Rose dared the doc!


Michael J. has a great new smile…without braces!


Braces off in time for summer for Jackson Z.!

Jackson1 jackson

Do the Hula Dr. P.!


Joey D. dared the doc too!


Sara B. was a dare devil for sure!


Lauren B. voted for her dare!


Another dare by Cassie D.!


After her 2 children got their braces, mom had her turn! You look great, Karen V.!


Take a look at Karlie B.’s retainers that are waiting on her!


Sami R. did the dare!


Carissa enjoyed daring Dr. P.!


Gianna D. gave Dr. P. a “Christmas in June” present of leopard gloves!


James L. is liking his new smile!


Our gardening patient, Pat A., brings us flowers at her appointments! Her arrangements have been on our front desk numerous times! Thank you, Pat


Dr. P. got a kick out of Rais C.’s leopard shelled turtle!


Grace D. dared Dr. P.!


Did Michael B. dare hula or lip sync?


Natalie and Bobby R. had fun with their pics!

reute reuter

Myah P. voted!


Tessa and Kiera F. have “Dared the Doc”!

IMG_6128 IMG_6129

Ada H. is our new winner for the Cub’s Club! She’s going to the movies!

ada h

Eli G. got his braces off! You can tell he is a Cavaliers fan if you look at his retainers in the video!

Lauren K. and her new braces!


Kenzie F. joined in the fun!


Rais C. put his vote in!


Erika and Ally J. voted!

18880237_10211697126931291_2382440066083185542_o 18891501_10211697143251699_1252635273546247996_o

Ashley S. is smiling with her new braces!


Katie and Ryan W. voted for our “Dare the Doc” contest!

18813527_10213919897258684_5177024028781847769_n 18839300_10213919752135056_711903378549660111_n

Isabella D. is definitely rocking her retainer!



How would you like to “Dare Dr. P.” to do a hula dance or to lip sync? Just take a picture while you are in the office (we have signs and props for your picture), post it to your Facebook page, and tag our location. Place your voting sticker on the challenge poster and we will video Dr.P. doing the winning activity! There will also be a $25 gift card and a “Dare the Doc” T-shirt to the winner of the raffle! Let’s have some fun with this!

IMG_6124IMG_6123 Post-2

Aidan S. did an awesome job getting his appliance in! Yay Aidan!
Grace J.’s Braces are Off!
Ryan L. actually did say it was fun to come to our office!
Anna R. has a pretty new smile!
Mary R. was celebrating with her mother, Gywn, and Dr. P. when she got her braces off!
IMG_0519 IMG_0523
Paige G. is Having the Best Day of Her Life!
Simryn D. has a picture perfect smile now without her braces!
simryn IMG_0536
It was a fun day at the GOTR (Girls on the Run) 5K race this past Sunday!
IMG_0538IMG_0542IMG_0514 IMG_0537   IMG_0545IMG_0543
Between Annalie B.’s pants and Dr.P.’s top, they have one cool leopard outfit!
You rock in those Pincofski sunglasses, Charlie C.!
Abby S. wore both a beautiful dress and a gorgeous smile to her prom!!
Alyssa H. got her new appliance inserted today and is on the way to loving her new smile!
Matthew H. is rocking his new Pincofski sunglasses!
 matthew h


        Meet Jocie D.! She is the newest member of our “Cub’s Club!” She is in the drawing for movie tickets! Welcome Jocie!


Annalie B. gave Dr. P. some chocolates in a handmade “leopard” bag for her birthday! Such a nice bag!

 annalie annalsue

   A very happy birthday to Dr. P.!



Sami R. brought in their new puppy that they rescued and Christa decided to get in the the love!

sam1 sami sami4 sami5

    Dr. P. is a blonde again with the help of Heather B.!


    Annalie B. and her sister, Charlotte, drew this picture of Dr. P. as they see her, complete with glasses and a leopard shirt!

a2 annalie

      How about this for an awesome pic…Dr. P. standing under the AAO sign in San Diego, CA that says…
My Life. My Smile. My Orthodontist.

     Karen V. and Christa believe in that hashtag!


    Luke I. is having a great time after he got his braces off. David, his brother, and Dr. P. join in the fun!

           David I. caught a feather in his watch strap when he was partying with his brother, Luke!


Gino C. and Dr. P. are celebrating Gino’s new smile…it is “picture perfect”!


Dr. P., Elisabeth, and Maura went to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Convention in San Diego, CA for 5 days of learning and getting new ideas to better our practice,         accompanied by wonderful weather and delicious food! We also had a private concert with Martina McBride!

IMG_52e14 hhh gjj wwgg FullSizeqRendermartina fr dfg

Faith I. is as cute as ever! She loves coming to the office when her brother’s have appointments!


Jack I. got his braces off and wasn’t expecting to have this much fun!


This was a great photo op! Gracie M. came in with her green ponytail, and Karlie B. happen to come in at the same time with her green henna design on her hand. Couldn’t pass up this photo!

gracie grka

Ed M. won our “Parents Appreciation Dinner!” A nice celebration at “Cook To Order” is in his future!


Christa and Rosalie attended the Flemington-Raritan Baseball and Softball opening day and saw the Miller family there!

baseb baseball

       Annalie B. wrote a nice thank you card to Dr. P. for the Girl Scout cookies Dr. P. bought from her.

        Fun with sisters Charlotte and Annalie B.!


Michael B. posed for a little camera action at his appointment!


Michael B. is one happy guy without braces! Great smile, Michael!

j1 j3

Kai O. got his braces off!

Heather B. is the winner of our “Nothing Broken Contest” for the month of March! She has $40 to go shopping!


Emma’s mom, Chrissy, sent this in…”Emma is so proud to be wearing her softball jersey this season! Thank you for your continued support Dr P!! #broncos


Happy Birthday to Dr. Paul! He gets to go shopping at one of his favorite stores…Tractor Supply Company!


Rachel B. is our “No Breakage Contest” winner for the month of February! Enjoy spending your $40.00 Rachel!


Kayla is looking just beautiful, and “One Direction” agrees!

Lilly J. got her braces off and enjoyed her feather party! Beautiful smile Lilly!

FullSiz4eRender 5kk

Although there was some slight protest from Danny S., we still got to throw feathers at him without braces!


Brooke P., had a great time with her feather party! Her mother, Maura, looks like she was having as much fun as Brooke!

Fu45llSizeRender Fu22llSizeRender 555555 2555 55

Enzo P.’s braces are off and his mother, Nicole, got to join in the celebration!

FullSizeRe5nder enzoullSizeRender

Kenzie F. has a beautiful new smile!

David I. got his braces on yesterday! And his sister, Faith, had to get in on the fun too!

IMG_4259 IMG_4263 IMG_4265

Teresa N. won our “Nothing Broken Contest” for the month of December and has $40 to spend wherever she wants! Enjoy Teresa!

    Jayse A. is rocking his new appliance!


Kai O. picked up his $25 gift card for guessing our “Nose” contest! Happy shopping Kai!


Sabrina L. has a pretty new smile!

Annalie and her sister, Charlotte, share some sisterly love when
Annalie got her new retainer!

FullSizeRender (2)

    Zach P. got his braces off!!

Aidan R., Jess R., Logan H., Jordan S., Brian D., Phoebe H., and Juliana F., wish to share a Valentine’s Day smile with you!

   IMG_4034FullSizeRende6r FullSizeRender4FullSizeRender1 IMG_4019FullSizeRender2    FullSizeRender5
Natalie L. has a beautiful new smile!
Erin D. got her braces off and looks very happy about it! Congratulations Erin!
Dylan B. is our “Cleanest Mouth Club” winner! He is going to GameStop with his $25 gift card! Enjoy Dylan!
IMG_1183 (3)
Amanda S. has a beautiful new smile without her braces! Yay Mandy!



Brooke R. got her braces off and has a beautiful new smile!



Brian B. had a nice feather celebration when his braces came off!


Ben R. was all smiles when his braces came off!


Mallory G. celebrated with an beautiful new smile!



Juliana F. had to write about her hero, and she wrote about Dr. P.! How nice Juliana! Thank you from Dr.P.!

img_3752You can pick your nose, you can pick your Orthodontist but can you pick your orthodontic team’s nose?
Our Winter contest has you guessing which nose belongs to which staff member. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to the store of their choice! The winner will be
announced at the end of February! GOOD LUCK!
UPDATE:  AND the “Guess Our Noses” contest winners are: Adrionna C., Kristin E., Madison P., and Kai O.! Your $25 gift cards are waiting on you!
Thank you to Ryan W., sister Katie, and mom, Michelle, for the Girl Scout Candy Penguins! What a nice treat given to us when Ryan got his braces off! Yum!
Ryan W. is all smiles since his braces came off! Congrats Ryan, and thank you for the chocolates too!
Dominick I. is our November “No Breakage” contest winner! Enjoy that $40 gift card Dominick!
Terese L. has no braces for the Holiday eating time! You look beautiful Terese!
img_0516 15589640_10154988103737275_1063958007787216054_nHunterdon Healthcare tagged us in the following post:”Pincofski Orthodontics uses this time of year to donate to a local charity. This year, they wanted to donate to children and choose to donate locally at Hunterdon Medical Center. The toys they donated will be distributed to children on our Pediatrics unit. Thank you!”How nice is that and once again,it would not have been possible without the help of our generous patients, girls scout troops, GOTR teams, and a community service project for Our Lady of Victories Church by Mia F.! Thank you to all!
Jocelyn S. and her girl scout troop made these ornaments for the kids in the hospital. We will be taking them tomorrow when we deliver all the presents we have collected and/or purchased with your generous donations!
 Our “Cleanest Mouth Contest” winner for November is Gracie M.! She’s going shopping at Justice! Congrats Gracie!


Josh R. was a very happy camper when he got his braces off! Great smile Josh!


Adam L. got his braces off and in return got these really cool retainers! He will wear them with pride since he lived in Canada for awhile!
Dominick I. is our November “No Breakage” contest winner! Enjoy that $40 gift card Dominick!
 Abby S. sure has a pretty smile with all her braces off! It was a fun day with her feather party!
img_8651 img_8645
Here comes a feather toss for Anastasia S.! She has a beautiful new smile now! Congratulations Anastasia!
img_3550 img_3552
Ava L. has a beautiful new smile without braces!
 A fun time was had at the GOTR (Girls on the Run) 5K race on Dec. 2.!  Dr. P. was there with her team that she sponsors and we gave out t-shirts and raffle tickets for our office giveaway!
img_3471img_3473  img_3479   img_3476   img_3474img_3477 img_3482img_3480 img_3472img_3481
Eli F. won the two movie tickets this time for the “Cub’s Club” drawing! Enjoy your day out at the movies, Eli!
Our “Thankful” leaves have taken over all of the office windows! We truly have many things to be thankful for!
 The October winner of our “Cleanest Mouth Contest” is Hayleigh M.! She’s going to be shopping at Ulta. Congrats Hayleigh!
Myah P. won a $40 gift card to go shopping wherever she wants since she was our October winner of the “No Breakage” contest! Happy shopping Myah!
Emily G. got her braces off, and as you can see, it was a fun day for her (and Dr. P.!)
002       001
“Rachel’s Jumping for Joy” to get her braces off! She has a beautiful new smile now!
 Curtis W. has a $25 gift card to go to the movies since he was the “Cleanest Mouth” contest winner for September! Yay!
Gianna L. was our “Summer Contest” winner! She guessed the exact number of sea shells and rocks in the bucket…399! Wow! Enjoy your $25 gift card, Gianna!


As many of you know, we recycle our toothbrushes, floss containers and mouthwash bottles with Tom’s of Maine. They also accept other items as can be seen in the picture. Feel free to use our receptacle for those items you need to dispose of. Every little bit helps the environment a lot!
Kate S. and her puppy, Peggy, are enjoying this day!!
Brennan F. enjoyed getting his braces off!
Amanda R. got her braces off today!
Mickey has a brand new gorgeous smile!
Michael G. is free from braces now!  Congratulations Michael!
 Nina M. got her braces off and a new smile put on!  You look beautiful Nina!
Sean L. was “Happy” when his braces came off!
GOTR Girls on the Run  (GOTR) will be sponsoring Tabby’s Place!!
Tabby’s Place is a cage-free sanctuary that provides refuge to cats in hopeless situations. Their residents come primarily from public shelters where they had once been scheduled for euthanasia.
The girls chose Tabby’s Place in an effort to bring attention to all the good work they do and to raise funds (can be items from the wish list or a monetary donation) to help them continue this good work!
Tabby’s Place wish list:
• Wet/dry cat food • Baby food (meat flavors only, no vegetables , no garlic
• Fabric softener • Grooming supplies
• Liquid dish soap • Unused cat trees/cat condos/cat beds/scratching posts
• Multi-purpose printer paper • Cat toys
• 13 gallon tall kitchen trash bags
• Clorox ultra bleach
• Paper towels, C-fold towels, and toilet paper
• Non-clumping litter
 High quality digital camera
 Gift cards to walmart, BJ’S or home depot
 Stamps
 White towels
Thank you for helping us help them!

Congratulations to Kayla and Emma K. for winning the pet selfie contest with their picture of “Gunner”!


Show us your best pet pics! Did you dress them up for the holidays or do you just have some great pictures? Don’t hesitate to take a selfie with them!!! Email us your pictures at and we will put them on Facebook.
The picture with the most likes wins a $25 gift card. Good luck and we can’t wait to see them!


Taylor C. got her braces off and has a beautiful new smile! Congratulations Taylor!


Kailey D. has a new smile, and what a pretty dancer she is now!


Trevor C. is happy to get his braces off!


Cameron got his braces off and what a great smile he has now!


It’s the “Best Day of Sean’s life!” What a great smile, Sean!


Vinnie’s new smile!  You look great, Vinnie!


What a gorgeous smile KayLynn has now! Enjoy life with no braces, KayLynn!


Yay for Sara!! She got her braces off and she is very “Happy!” Congrats Sara, you look beautiful!


Megan H. got her braces off! Yay for Megan!


It was a great day for Darin!  Feathers were flying!


Danielle R. was a very happy girl today when her braces came off!


We sure did celebrate with Riley when she got her braces off! Mom, was so happy too! Yay Riley!


Lexi was one excited girl coming into the office to get her braces off! Wait til you see Dad’s happiness at the end, much to his daughters dismay! Ha Ha!


It was a fun filled day for Derek M. when he got his braces off! Dad was as happy as Derek!!



It was great to see many of our patients at the GOTR (Girls on the Run) 5K  in New Hope this past Sat.(11/21/15) ! Charlotte D., Grace J., Natalie R., Brooke R. and Carlie B. were there to name a few!  They are still smiling after the run!

We think Kenny is a little excited about getting his braces off!  Yay Kenny!

Richard L.’s braces came off just in time to enjoy all those Holiday goodies! Great smile, Richard!

Kate A. was all smiles when the day came to get her braces off! You look lovely, Kate!!

Olivia was all smiles the day her braces came off!  And a gorgeous smile at that, Olivia!!

It was a great day when Kristen got her braces off! Just in time for Halloween celebrations! What a beautiful smile!

Dylan really was a happy camper when he got his braces off! The frowns here and there were just for fun! You look great, Dylan


toms-of-maine-accepted-waste-smallAs all of our patients know, we recycle our toothbrushes here in the office. It has come to our attention that some of our patients have these items at home and would like to recycle them but only have 3-4 items at any one time to be recycled. Please feel free to drop off any of the following items at your convenience or bring them in at an upcoming appointment! We will handle the shipping and packaging for you!

Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Brigade accepted waste:
1. Mouthwash bottles and caps
2. Deodorant containers and caps(no aerosol deodorant cans)
3. Toothpaste tubes and caps
4. Soap packaging
5. Floss containers
6. Toothbrushes


Riley E. won our “Summer Selfie Contest” with the most likes on our Facebook page!  She has $25 to go shopping!


Natalie R. was our Bingo winner! She is showing off her winning card and her $25.00 gift card! Word has it she’s a “Five Below” shopper! Yay for Natalie!


We have since added many other gift cards for the choosing!


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