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Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery of Pincofski Orhtodontics

Smile Gallery of Pincofski Orhtodontics

Smile Gallery of Pincofski Orhtodontics

Smile Gallery of Pincofski Orhtodontics

Smile Gallery of Pincofski Orhtodontics

Smile Gallery of Pincofski Orhtodontics

Smile Gallery of Pincofski Orhtodontics

Smile Gallery of Pincofski Orhtodontics


What People Are Saying!

LINDA LD. says…

“My two sons are very new patients of Dr. Susan Pincofski. My little guy just had two appliances installed yesterday and my older one had spacers put in a short while ago. Our pediatric dentist recommended two very capable orthodontists and we visited both practices. Technically we believe that both orthodontists are exceptional however, we decided that Dr. Pincofski and her staff best suited our family. It is interesting to note that the other orthodontic office is located approximately 1-2 mins. from our residence and Dr. P is located about 15-20 mins. away.

On a technical level, both orthodontists were more than competent but the 3-D scan [I believe that Dr. P is the only one who has the technology in the area] made a difference for us. The results especially for my little one showed us that much more work was required than we originally thought. In the end, the scan results gave us a solid plan of action.

Dr. P and her staff are wonderful at guiding the children through the process. Everything is explained clearly so that the children can understand and their questions are always addressed. A lot of time is spent with the kids and there is never a rushed feeling. All is not just clinical and business though. Everyone from Dr. P, her staff in the reception area to the back patient area are warm, friendly and fun. There’s always a positive and energetic vibe. The ladies clearly love what they do, where they work and they show it! Thank you!”

Emily H. says…

“My kids feel welcome and I have always thought your office was a lot like a home. Everyone in your office is friendly and pleasant, your staff never rushes through their work. I would recommend Dr. Pincofski to anyone!”

Laurel M. says…

“Pincofski Orthodontics is amazing and runs like clockwork. You never have to wait – your appointment time is your appointment time! That never happens anywhere else.”

Kristen W. says…

“Dr. Pincofski takes the time to get to know people. We’re not just a number or a paying customer; she goes above and beyond! Your staff is always pleasant and courteous, and my daughter is always very comfortable with both Dr. Pincofski and her team. I had no hesitation placing my daughter in your care.”

Jeanne D. says…

“My son’s confidence has skyrocketed since coming to see Dr. Pincofski. I couldn’t be more pleased with the courtesy and professionalism of Dr. Pincofski and the entire staff.”

Amber N. says…

“We have all been treated with kindness and sincere thoughtfulness. My son really enjoys coming to the office. It’s a positive, friendly, and professional environment. The staff is family-like, very caring, and concerned. We love Dr. Pincofski!”

Lynn C. says…

“Dr. Pincofski’s office is probably the most pleasant I’ve ever been in. We love your enthusiasm, creativity, and passion, as well as you and your staff!”

Olivia H. says…

“My daughter never has to wait for an appointment. She loves the staff and how she is never treated like a ‘stupid kid.’ I like the informal, yet very professional, atmosphere at the office. And, I love Dr. Pincofski’s wardrobe! I will be back with my second child soon!”

Sue M. says…

“My son felt ‘listened to’ and comfortable during his treatments. Dr. Pincofski and her staff were professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and they made everyone feel valued. The staff was always very pleasant, and they promptly responded to any questions we had. This practice is exceptionally well run!”

Lucie R. says…

“My children enjoy all the special extras they get when they go for an appointment. Dr. Pincofski and the staff are wonderful, and they treat all their patients exceptionally well. The office is amazingly organized, and everyone is enthusiastic about their job. Every visit is a great one.”

Carolyn D. says…

“My daughter and I are very appreciative of your flexible appointment schedule. She was extremely pleased with her treatment, and everyone was so nice and friendly. I’m very happy we saw Dr. Pincofski.”

Kenya H. says…

“FANTASTIC! Dr. P and the Pincofski Orthodontics team make every patient feel like a part of a GREAT family! Happy to be on board!”

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