Did you know that straight teeth and a correct bite relationship not only enhance your appearance, but your overall health as well? Crowded teeth and/or an incorrect bite may lead to periodontal (gum) problems, premature tooth wear, as well as speech and TMJ (jaw joint) issues. Utilizing 3D technology allows us to visualize, with 100% accuracy, those areas that x-rays cannot: sinuses, the airway and TMJs. Orthodontic correction undertaken now can help prevent tooth loss and decrease the chances of needing gum grafting or surgical procedures in the future. We are partnering with many adults who are choosing either clear aligner therapy (Invisalign and Clear Correct) or porcelain (clear) braces to produce a healthy, confident smile!

“The shortest distance between two people is a smile.” Mark Twain

  • Do you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about your smile?
  • Do you cover your mouth when you talk or smile?
  • Are your teeth in alignment (straight)?
  • Do you wish your teeth were whiter?
  • Do you like the shape of your teeth?
  • Are your teeth chipped?
  • Can you see dark restorations in your teeth that bother you?
  • Are there old crowns, bridges, or fillings that you don’t like the appearance of?
  • What would you like your smile to look like?

After debating for many years to have orthodontic treatment, I finally decided yes after I was in my 60’s. I had them as a teenager and as many others, I never wore my retainer and we all know what happens. Dr. P took care of both our daughters when they were in their teens and they loved her and still have great memories from their experience. Dr. P and her employees are wonderful. They are funny, thoughtful and extremely caring . My teeth and smile look so much better than I anticipated. I wished I had done it sooner. Time passes so quickly as we get older, I recommend to make some good use of it and get the smile you deserve!

Richard S.